VIDEO: Jedlk in the USA set a world record in a mobile hot dog, dropping 75 of them. Curiosities

New York Joey Chestnut has once again won this year’s New York competition in a hotdog, which traditionally takes place during the celebrations of the American national holiday of Independence Day. In ten minutes, the 36-year-old eater managed to get 75, which according to the organizers of the new world record. The female wolf was dominated by Miki Sudov, 34, who won 48.5 pieces in the same time, which is a record in the women’s competition. The USA Today website informed about it.

In ten minutes, 36 years

With his Saturday performance, he broke his previous record from 2018, when he lost one hot dog to me. Barrels, which increased it seven times in the Czech category, broke its personal record from 2017, when it lost 41 boards in the cut-out, and the current world record in the women’s category, which was set in 2012 by Sonya Thomasov with 45 hot dogs.

This year, the Kadoron competition was held without revolutions in a private town due to coronavirus disease, not at the Conend Island promenade, as was customary. Soutc was two meters apart and plexiglass divided them. Fans of the bag event could also watch it on television.

Svm 62. hotdog Chestnut on Saturday sndl 1000. hotdog sv soutn kariry. I knew that I was fast in the arrest, he stated and added that he later slowed down and lacked the audience.

Chestnut, who comes from the state of Kentucky, has increased 13krt in the competition in the last 14 years. Last year, he consumed 71 hot dogs at the competition, and he failed to defend his own record from 2018.

The Nathans Famous fast food company, which specializes in hot dogs, has been organizing a competition on July 4 for Independence Day since 1972.


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