Singer and actress Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards 2019 – WENN

Lady Gaga flew to the rescue of her sister Cardi B, the first female artist to win the Grammy Award for best rap album, and attacked on social media by fans of her competitors to the point that the interpreter Bodack Yellow ended up
disable his Instagram account.

"It's so hard to be a woman in this industry. What it requires, and the hard work that is provided despite disrespectful demands, just to make art. I love you Cardi. You deserve your rewards. Let's celebrate his fight. Let's raise it and honor it. She's brave, "Lady Gaga tweeted.

A long work

Before deleting her Instagram account, Cardi B posted a video in which she explained that she had worked hard to get there. A rude message to those who had harassed her.

"I worked like crazy, I locked myself in the studio for three months, I did not sleep in my bed while I was pregnant," she had started before clearing everything.


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