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IMPROVISATION. The festival Fériir is invited to Lespas and La Cerise (Saint-Paul). This fifth edition welcomes talents from Israel and New Caledonia.

Lespas and the Cherry, the ” ideal and offensive combo “The Reunion improvisation league The Reunion Island Fun and International Improvisation Festival, or Fériir, begins next Tuesday in the two halls Saint-Pauloises.The guests and creations of this fifth edition came from elsewhere. Inbal Lory, Israeli, will play her English sceneries, accompanied by a translator. ” Every year, we want to put an original touch of voice “, details Lisa Mela, of the Lir.
Second guest of honor, Edouard Wamynia will improvise a song on the stage of Lespas. The Néocalédonien notably produced a musical comedy played on Broadway. The dynamic Grandpa does not abandon the show and continues to sponsor the festival. The director has collaborated with comedians such as Fraize and Issa Doumbia. ” Grandpa brings a considerable accompaniment to the artists of improvisation “, ensures Yoann Olivier, head of the festival. Lisa Mela agrees: “He encourages us to write and mobilizes his entire network. ”
The artist is well placed to talk about it since his last creation is the result of a collaboration with Papy. Their show “Schmol”, presented soon during the festival oscillates between theater and improvisation. ” It’s a kind of writing tray that will show five characters “, tries to describe Lisa Mela.
For lack of auditorium, the organizers had to cancel the 2016 edition. This time, they hope to make packed halls, delighted to see that improvisation seduces more and more in Reunion. Yoann Olliver adds: ” The first scenes, played seven years ago, attracted about 40 spectators. Now, hundreds of people watch the actors from outside. ” Some local artists have been converted into entertainment professionals after taking part in “Mardi de l’improv.”
“What impresses the audience is to see that the speeches are not written, explains Lisa Mela, of the Reunion improvisation league. The improv is a light branch, for those who love humor, but also poetry and drama. Even though it will never be as deep as a repeat play, as the artists get set up in minutes, barely. ”

In Lespas

Tuesday, December 12, from 8 pm: “Lo Kintèt” (Tuesday of the improv), “Zaza and his sons” by Isabelle Delleaux

Friday, December 15, at 7 pm: “Clowns vs. clowns” by Papy, “Deep Dream” by Inbal Lory and “Casting” by Edouard Wamynia

Saturday, December 16, from 14:30: “Impro young” by Emilie Lecutiez, “The meeting” by Keng-Sam, “Schmol” by Papy and Lisa Mela, “The Match of Stars” by the Lir, “Dangerous Liaisons” by Edward Waminya and “Frangments of life” by Inbal Lory.

At The Cherry

Tuesday, December 12, at 9:30 pm: Improcrochet

Wednesday, December 13, at 8 pm: Kipèrar

Thursday, December 14, at 8 pm: Triptych

Friday, December 15, from 19:30: Impro drawing and Socrate Story

Saturday, December 16, from 8 pm: Stall and Impro dance.

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