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It takes courage to tackle the operational organization in order to be able to vigorously assert the interests of the employees in wage negotiations, working conditions that need improvement and internal relationships between management and the workforce.

Apple employees: Always “cheerful” but not always satisfied

When setting up employee representatives, the employees not only have to network and organize themselves once with each other, but also have to carry out this feat of strength anew in every workplace. In the United States, the first Apple stores started organizing this year, and they are met with disapproval at Apple’s headquarters.

Apple is actively taking action against unions

The group decided to take a confrontational course and distributed argumentation aids among the branch managers, which are intended to prevent the staff from setting up independent employee representatives. The language rules underline: Apple does not value unionized personnel and invests part of the company’s profits in lobbyists who are supposed to prevent this.

The efforts that are now being made in three Apple branches in Atlanta, Maryland and New York require a bit more courage. After all, one opposes the express position of the company.

Encouragement for activists in other branches

A YouTube video that has now been published is said to be popular, in which several Apple Store employees who are responsible for setting up employee representatives in their branches have their say.

In the almost five-minute short film “Inside Apple Retail Workers Union Drive”, Apple store employees such as Kevin Gallagher (7 years with Apple) and Christie Pridgen (8 years with Apple) look at the challenges at Apple and what has so far been denied right to have a say and argue for union building.

Five minutes, which might be enough to motivate more of the more than 300 American Apple branches to set up their own employee representatives.