Video, LIVE, of Adriana Lucía, Johana Bahamón and more at Equal Spotify Festival

It is a conversation, which opens an initiative by Spotify and Detonante, with Pulzo as an ally, to promote the visibility of women and equity. This can be followed, live, in the following video:

the event of March 30, 2022 was from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and included several moments: ‘An Equal conversation’, ‘Women who open paths’, ‘Using the voice for change’, ‘Speak without fear’ and ‘Women who break schemes’.

in those talks The aforementioned celebrities participated and from the ‘influencer’ ‘Tuti’ Vargas’ and the actress Johana Bahamón to ‘Marce, the recycler’ and Paula Mendozaa jeweler whose creations Kylie Jenner has worn, among others.

In a moment, Paola Jara was among those invited to the conversation, but there was a change and, in the end, it was confirmed that she will participate in the festival, but not speaking, but singing.

Concerts in Bogotá by Paola Jara and other celebrities of the Equal Festival

Spotify’s initiative not only includes the discussion, but also seven concerts in Bogotá.

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These ‘shows’ will be in April and will have artists such as the aforementioned Paola Jara, Goyo, Juliana Velásquez, Farina, Andrea Echeverri and more.

Tickets for these shows in the capital can be obtained at

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