VIDEO: love and basketball! Lithuanians take care of the most beautiful moment of the 3×3 World Cup

In the men’s competition, Lithuanians won silver medals for the first time in history, while the ladies won the fourth place in the lead of Kamila Nacickaiti, one of the best basketball players in the country.

However, on Sunday evening, shortly after the competition, Lithuanians stood out with the most beautiful moment of this World Cup. Lithuanian men’s basketball player Marijus Užupis waved his girlfriend shortly after the final match – basketball player of the Lithuanian national team Martin Petrenait, who said yes before the eyes of thousands of spectators!

The Lithuanian national team, which was sown with the second number in the tournament, in the fight for the gold prizes with a result of 16:21, gave way to Serbia, which was already the main contender for the championship title before the competition.

Both Lithuanian and Serbian basketball players finished the group without losing.

Serbia defeated the Latvian national team in the quarterfinals with 22:17, but beat Belgium in the semi-finals with 17:12. Meanwhile, the Lithuanians stopped the USA in the quarterfinals, winning with 21:11, but in the semi-finals with 18:17 they were superior to France.

France won Belgium 18:17 in the bronze medal match.

In the women’s competition, French basketball players with 16:13 were superior to Canada, but the bronze medal was won by the Chinese national team, which destroyed the Lithuanian women in the decisive match with 21:11.

It has already been reported that the Latvian national team, which included Agnis Čavars, Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis, Nauris Miezis and Artūrs Strēlnieks, was sown with the third number and failed in the fierce fight against the Serbs in the quarterfinals.

World Cup tournaments have been running since 2012.

Latvians have competed most successfully in the World Cup so far in 2019, when they won second place.

In 2012, Krūmiņš, Kristaps Kanbergs, Lauris Mizis and Ervīns Jonāts won one of the five games in the group tournament, taking the 18th place in the final table. In 2018, Čavars, Krūmiņš, Lasmanis and Miezis won all four games in the group tournament, but lost to the Polish national team in the quarterfinals with 15:21 and took the fifth place in the end.