Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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VIDEO Love is in the meadow: Karine The Merchant very moved by a farmer of the new season

Guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C to you last night, Karine Le Marchand took the opportunity to talk about his projects, such as the return of An intimate ambition where we already know she did melt Franck Dubosc in tears or again on the new season of Love is in the meadow . The host promises a season full of surprises and gold candidates . >>> Emmanuel Macron: his pitiless judgment on Karine Le Marchand and his show Une ambition intime Karine Le Marchand says she was upset by a farmer during filming. It’s Patrice, 50, whom she calls ” reserved boy, who was scapegoat in high school, and who was really abused because he was not strong enough, not big enough mouth, not enough competitor probably. ” >>> PHOTO Karine Le Marchand: discover the animator at the age of 20 ” It is someone who has been so hurt by this episode of his life that he has shut up on him, and that as soon as there are feelings, he feels in danger. It’s someone who is shut up, he made himself a cocoon […] I started to list the qualities that I find him, and as I speak to him, I see his face that is changing, his lip starts to shake, tears flowing “Says the program’s iconic presenter. And if you can not wait to see that, the portraits will be released Monday night on M6 .

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