In the municipality of Sabanagrande, Atlántico, a massive burial was recorded for the death of a Junior fan. People bypassed the authorities’ restrictions due to the pandemic.

In the images you can see the crowd wearing shirts from the Barranquilla team, in the middle of a bustling atmosphere.

Likewise, some of those attending the funeral do not wear face masks, nor do they respect the two-meter preventive distance to avoid contagion.

According to local media, the march traveled the streets of the town until reaching the cemetery, where the authorities only allowed the entrance of five people.

Mayor Gustavo de la Rosa affirmed to Ground Zero, a Colombian Caribbean media, that although the respective recommendations were given to the family, they were intercepted by a group of friends of the deceased.

In social networks there is widespread outrage at the behavior of these citizens, whom they accuse of not being aware of the effects of the virus on the Caribbean coast.

Furthermore, the latest report from health authorities indicated that in the Atlántico department there are already more than 24,000 positive cases of COVID-19, making it one of the epicenters of the pandemic in Colombia.

This is another video of the noise that caused the burial on the streets of Sabanagrande, in this you can clearly see the multitude of people who did not respect the sanitary measure of mandatory preventive isolation.


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