Video. Mauritania-United States: Nouakchott in search of a strategy to take advantage of the African Growth Opportunities Act

#Mauritania : Trade between Mauritania and the United States is insignificant and only represents 1% of Mauritanian foreign trade. Faced with this situation, a forum was organized in Nouakchott to identify the blocking factors and formulate a strategy to boost these trade exchanges.

An insignificant figure, which explains the desire to strengthen trade relations to allow Mauritania to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the African Growth Opportunities Act-AGOA, a law on growth and development opportunities, passed in 2000, which allows sub-Saharan African country, to export to the US market without being subject to customs duties.

This observation explains the organization of a one-day forum on exchanges between the two countries to identify the blocking factors and formulate a strategy to boost bilateral relations in this area.

Mauritanians, actors from the public administration and leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), massively participated in the day.

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Thus, the purpose of these meetings is “to highlight the factors blocking trade and to formulate the most relevant recommendations with a view to developing trade relations through a climate favorable to the promotion of business”.

Naha mint Mouknass, Minister of Trade, Industry, Crafts and Tourism, insisted on the challenges and the importance of the forum, called to identify the advantages that Mauritania offers to put in place a strategy allowing to rapidly develop trade relations with the United States.

For her part, Cynthia Kierscht, Ambassador of the United States in Mauritania, strongly encourages the participants of the forum to carry out an in-depth reflection to identify the obstacles and challenges at the origin of the blocking of trade relations between Nouakchott and Washington, with a view to formulating recommendations for a development strategy.

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Mohamed Lemine ould Vayda, director in charge of the promotion of foreign trade, explains the scope of the consultation process bringing together public decision-makers, private operators and civil society actors, to identify the sources of blocking and make recommendations for to develop trade relations thanks to the immense potentialities available to Mauritania. Recommendations that will be fully implemented by the government.

As for Sid’Ahmed ould Abeidna, president of the United States Mauritanian Business Forum, CEO of Sogeco, he invites the creation of platforms between businessmen to create the conditions for the development of exchanges.

This leading operator recalls that Mauritania has been consuming American products for several years, particularly in the mining sector, and now that of oil. At the same time, Nouakchott’s international trade passes through hubs located elsewhere in the world.

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The president of USMBF recommends the creation of common banks, to finance and rapidly develop trade exchanges by taking advantage of all opportunities, given the geographical and even geostrategic position of Mauritania on the maritime coast, and the role of hub that ‘it can play with the states of the Sahelian inter-land.