Video: Maxwell’s Guilt Aggravates Prince Andrew’s Situation

The conviction of British Ghislaine Maxwell, former lover and right hand of magnate Jeffrey Epstein, for sex trafficking of a minor in the US, complicates the situation of Prince Andrew, according to the British media, who analyze the sentence pronounced yesterday. Wednesday by a New York jury.

Prince Andrew, who no longer performs official functions as a member of the British Royal Household, faces in that country a civil process brought by Virginia Giuffre, who accuses the son of Queen Elizabeth II of abusing her when she was a minor .

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British Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late press mogul Robert Maxwell, was an ex-lover and right-hand man of businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison in 2019 after being convicted in the US of trafficking in minors.

The condemned woman, who has just turned 60, is close friends with the Duke of York, and yesterday’s ruling may make the prince’s situation difficult when the process against him begins in early 2022 in the US, commentators highlighted yesterday. from the press in the UK.

Giuffre, 38, maintains that she was the victim of sexual abuse by Prince Andrew, 61, when she was 17, abuses that occurred in London, New York and on a private Epstein island in the Caribbean, although the queen’s son has denied such allegations.

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The British media point out that Andrés’ legal situation would be different if Maxwell had been exonerated.

Two New York judges ordered last Wednesday that an out-of-court settlement signed between Virginia Giuffre and the late Epstein that would exonerate Prince Andrew of England be made public, dated January 3.

Unlike Maxwell, Andrés faces a civil process and not a criminal one.

Two New York judges ordered this Wednesday that an out-of-court settlement signed between Virginia Giuffre and the late magnate Jeffrey Epstein be made public, dated January 3, that could exonerate Prince Andrew of England.

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The defense of Prince Andrew has long demanded that these agreements be made public because it “relieves him (the prince) of any potential responsibility,” said the prince’s legal representative, Andrew Brettler, in a preliminary hearing on September 13.

Giuffre, who has already accused the prince several times, has filed his lawsuit in New York under the Juvenile Victims Law of that city.

In an interview with the BBC in 2019, Prince Andrew categorically denied knowing the woman or having had sexual relations with her, despite the fact that they appear together in a photo published numerous times by the press.



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