The journalist who was trying to question the US president about his immigration statements got his microphone picked up by a White House employee.

The exchange was extremely violent and tense. TheAt a press conference in the White House, following the midterm elections, Donald Trump was interviewed on Wednesday, November 7, by a CNN reporter. In the wake of the mid-term election results in the United States, Jim Acosta returned to a campaign clip from Camp Trump, comparing Central American migrants en route to the United States to a "invasion".

"This caravan [de migrants] was not an invasion, it's a group of migrants coming from Central America to cross the American border ", says the reporter. "You should let me run the country, you take care of CNN", replies Donald Trump, before preventing Jim Acosta from continuing: "That's enough !"

"About the Russian investigation …"adds the CNN reporter. "I'm not worried about anything about the Russian investigation, because it's a hoax, it's enough, put the microphone down", then orders the American president. A White House employee removes the microphone from the reporter's hands while Donald Trump says: "CNN should be ashamed to use you. You are a rude and terrible person, you should not work for CNN. " Peter Alexander of the NBC then tries to defend his colleague and to question the American president, without success, he will also be interrupted.

CNN has issued a support statement to its reporter. "The incessant attacks of the president have gone too far", writes the channel. "They are not only dangerous but also, disturbingly, contrary to the values ​​of the United States", says CNN.


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