Video of a pastor shaving believers in a “prophetic act” goes viral

women being shaved by pastor

In the same week that a pastor’s family decides to wait three days to bury him, because they found a letter from him saying that when he died he would resurrect on the third day, there is a video of another pastor shaving the groin of believers, especially women, promising to attract the holy spirit.

The video that started circulating in Whatsapp groups, and quickly gained news portals, shows a line of women waiting to participate in what they call a “prophetic act”.

According to information, the images were recorded during a Pentecostal religious service in Ghana, a country on the African continent.

However, it was not disclosed, for example, if the women were cured of any illness after the spiritual procedure, or if they achieved the promised grace. What, apparently, is clear in the images is that they all voluntarily participate in the act.

Watch the video:

old video

BR104 found that the video was recorded in October 2020. That is, a year ago. The images were published by the Afri Leaks channel, an African vehicle that usually publishes controversial videos of daily life in Africa.