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Last Monday, October 19, a man escaped from a jail in China. The spectacular moment was recorded in the security footage.

Now his recapture has a reward of up to 23,000 dollars (about 87 million pesos).

The recluseAs the video shows, he was in the work yard when he climbed onto a roof at the edge of the prison and managed to leave the scene.

The footage was shared on social networks and Internet users were shocked with the agility of the man to evade the guards and achieve his goal.

Who is the fugitive?

The prisoner is a north korean called Zhu Xianjian. He was sentenced to 11 years in jail for “illegal border crossing, theft and robbery,” according to ‘CNN’.

And, in 2013, the man was arrested in China after crossing the border and also considered a deserter from his native country.

Zhu Xianjian is a fugitive in China and a North Korean defector.


Jilin prison. EM

However, this was not the only or the ‘least criminal’ thing that Zhun did: upon arriving in the city of Tumen, he robbed several houses, stole money, cell phones, shoes and clothes.

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According to a court report, the man was discovered by a woman, who was stabbed in the back.

Fortunately, the woman did not die.

The criminal was caught trying to flee in a taxi.

“I took out a knife tied to my waist and stabbed Grandma in the back. Then I realized that she was carrying a wallet. I tried to take it from her, but she wouldn’t let go of me, so I stabbed her a few more times,” Zhu said in the court.

The master fugue

The fugitive was caught on video escaping

The fugitive was caught on video escaping


Twitter: @NiPaBuPaBot

Returning to the ‘present’, the video of the escape captivated many netizens. The current post on Twitter reached 57.5 million views.

In the video it is seen that Zhu climbs the shed and runs across the roof, according to ‘CNN’, with a rope with which he damages the electric fence that surrounds the prison.

Finally, he makes a movement to climb the metal fence, no longer afraid of being electrocuted, and disappears.

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Authorities blocked the search around the area and offered a hefty sum of $ 23,000 for people to help find his whereabouts.

Why is the sum so high? According to ‘CNN’ the amount exceeds “five times the average annual income of urban residents of Jilin and more than nine times that of those in rural areas.”

However, the notice of the reward was removed from social networks and some ‘hashtags’ and publications related to the event were censored.

Why did he escape from prison with ‘so little’ left?

North Korea field

People who live in the countryside are considered politically inferior.

It is not yet known exactly why he escaped. However, various speculations could give clues.

According to the court report, the North Korean had to pay 11 years in prison and then would be deported to his hometown.

In 2017 and 2020, the judgment Zhu’s dropped twice.

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This happened, according to ‘CNN’, “due to a show of remorse, good discipline and active participation in ideological, cultural and vocational education and work work”.

He was to be released in August 2023. It is two long years, but it is speculated that the ‘future’ was what forced him to escape: he would have to return to North Korea. And I would do it as a defector.

According to a report by ‘Human Rights Watch’, North Korean defectors are considered almost ‘criminals’ in the country, for which they can suffer various prison sentences.

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