Video of the end of the world impact with a comet. A series of Asteroids graze us

The Earth has suffered repeated asteroid collisions over millions of years. The Moon was created from a single giant impact event. Moreover, an asteroid has recently been identified between Earth and the Moon, and it revolves around. He was baptized with the name of Kamo`oalewa. Its origin is probably that of a fragment of the same Moon hit by an asteroid. This is what the scientists who discovered it recently claim.

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ASTEROID Kamo`oalewa discovered between Earth and Moon. Orbit, course, impact


The asteroid, called Kamo`oalewa was discovered in 2016. But until very recently, very little was known about him. New observations suggest it may be a fragment of the moon that was launched into space by an ancient lunar collision with an asteroid.

Kamo`oalewa is one of the quasi-satellites of the Earth, a category of asteroids that orbits the Sun but remain relatively close to our planet. This celestial body is not visible to the naked eye.

But let’s go back to the Earth: this with its dimensions has attracted enormous meteorites which crashed to its surface, causing rock vapor at very high temperatures. Early life forms survived such hellish events by taking refuge deep into the ground, miraculously emerging again and again.

Earth has gone through countless catastrophic events, and life has survived by acquiring new capabilities to live through such cataclysms. Human beings are part of the great history of the evolution of life, which has been closely intertwined with repeated cataclysmic events.

But the question many scientists are asking is, considering that countless asteroids touch the Earth and are not intercepted except when it is too late, they ask themselves that what would happen if a large celestial body, species if it was discovered well in advance and was of such size as to cause a cataclysm on our planet.

It is very likely that such a discovery would not be disclosed as it would cause chaos and anarchy.

If a large asteroid hit the Earth, dramatic conditions would occur, however, it also depends on the type of asteroid and its size. The video shows the simulation impact of a large asteroid, which could even be a comet. It is an asteroid with a diameter of 500 km with destination the Pacific Ocean.

According to estimates, such an impact would be dramatic, generating the detachment of several km of the earth’s crust. The shock wave would travel at hypersonic speeds. The debris would bounce back into the atmosphere, exploding and likely falling back to the surface of planet Earth. It would be a catastrophe. A firestorm surrounding it would be the Earth, vaporizing the life of our Planet within a single day, and the Earth would be uninhabitable.

History proves that this has happened six times on our planet. This shows that such risks, albeit with very long return times, are likely with return times of probably a few million years. But we well know that the return times are an average value, and do not constitute scientific proof in the field of forecasting.

And it is for this reason that various governments and government agencies have launched programs to divert or destroy any celestial bodies that may constitute a danger to our planet in the future. But even a much smaller asteroid would be enough to generate incalculable damage.