A 19-year-old woman has turned to the Canadian police for allegedly throwing two chairs off a 45-story balcony in Toronto, on a street below just cars. The video of the incident provoked widespread outrage.

Detective Todd Higo said Marcella Zoia will appear in court on Wednesday. A widely viewed video taken from the balcony of the apartment shows a woman throwing one of the chairs that plunges into the street below.

After receiving tips from the public, she identified the police and asked them to get involved.

Video of the woman throwing chair of the 45th floor balcony in Canada – video

Zoia is accused of endangering life with mischief, property damage and general annoyance.

The chairs landed near the main entrance to the towering apartment, but there were no reports of injuries.

Constable David Hopkinson said that the apartment would be used at short notice.

"I just hope that people take the consequences of this woman from the example. This is an irresponsible behavior that is unacceptable, "said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

"It was not just a lip that went bad. It was roughly irresponsible behavior that could have resulted in serious injury and death. "


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