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Video on the future of Youtube: shock in the nursery

  • Many children and adolescents are currently shocked by a Youtube video that suggests Youtube could be shut down soon.
  • Background is a planned directive of the EU. It would oblige large Internet corporations to adhere to copyright for what is being uploaded on their platforms.
  • The authors of the video admit that they may have been "over-emotionalized".

Simon Difabachew stands for his video: Yes, says the 22-year-old media and communication student from Hanover, it could well be that the video portal Youtube will not exist in the coming year. And yes, it was right that he had a video with just this message published in that Youtube channel, which he runs together with his also 22-year-old friend Felix Härlen, who studies psychology in Cologne.

The video "Why Youtube does not exist any more next year" can be found these days at number 1 on the successful internet platform – with more than 2.5 million views and more than 43,000 comments. For many children and adolescents, this film is currently causing anxiety sweats. They fear for their internet idols, their digital friends, their existence.

Fateful day for the internet

"End of the free net" or "End of the free press"? After a storm of dramatic appeals, Members of the European Parliament vote on the controversial copyright reform.

By Thomas Kirchner

more …

Why is? In five minutes and 47 seconds Difabachew stirs a childish fear of – please? – EU Copyright Directive: "In a few months, almost all the channels we know, love and look at again and again, be deleted," it says in the film. "No matter how big and popular, no one will be left, except for a few channels from very large companies." Dramatic music shows the European flag several times. At the same time, it is stated that, if under European law it is held liable for the content it distributes, Youtube plans to delete "all European channels" immediately.

Dumb, dear children. "And if all those Youtubers are gone," Difabachew addresses himself in the video to his audience, "and you have at some point resigned yourself and you focus again on your everyday life, on your work, your studies or your school, you will find that the video you need for your history lesson is no longer there, that the lecture you missed will no longer be on Youtube, all the important tutorials, all the videos you need to educate yourself (. ..) will also be gone. " For many students: a horror scenario. Julien Bam, Mrs. Bella, Dagi Bee, "BibisBeautyPalace" – all of them want to take me Europe now? The initiators of the upcoming draft vote are currently facing a massive shitstorm.

The nerves are bare in the nursery

He is neither anti-European nor populist, emphasizes the video maker Difabachev. Also, he and his colleague Härlen are not the extended arm of the Youtube propaganda department. "We did not get any money from them." But Difabachew confesses: "Maybe we have in the video but a little too emotionalized." The comments on the film sound dramatic: "I think I have to puke," writes one. "The European Union is a nuisance !!!" another.

The EU Commission is also responding: Everyone should continue to be creative, you just try to strengthen the position of the authors against large online companies. But in the nursery the nerves are bare, also because at the end of the video it says: "We are the younger Generation that grew up with internet and social networks. The freedom and change brought about by the Internet must not be banned. "In fact, copyright reform is controversial: critics fear the use of malfunctioning upload filters (" censorship machines ") that could jeopardize the free network as a whole." Susan Wojcicki, Head of the 3.5 billion dollar company Youtube, has called for worldwide protest against the directive.

For Difabachew and Härlen at any rate, the film that conjures up the digital end times, has been very worthwhile. Through countless YouTube clicks, the makers should have already earned several thousand dollars. Now another video on the subject will follow. Other, similarly made Internet videos circulate – not only on Youtube – abound. The EU alone is no longer very popular among the twelve to eighteen year olds.

"An upload filter would boost the power of big platforms"

Strasbourg will vote today on upload filters and ancillary copyright. The CDU network politician Thomas Jarzombek fears that just Facebook or Google benefit from the new rules.

Interview by Marvin Strathmann




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