This Saturday, November 3 in We are not lying down, Christine Angot could not ask the questions she wanted to ask Ocean about its news. The columnist admitted that she had not digested a tribune published by her guest in Libération in 2016, to defend activist Houria Bouteldja and her controversial book Les Blancs, les Juifs et nous. In this tribune, a phrase of support made Christine Angot and Franz-Olivier Giesbert shudder: "It questions the extermination of the Jews of Europe and its instrumentalisation by the Zionist project from the colonized world." "We will really speak about Israel, there? ", The director of the film Embrace Me! Surprised him, who feels he does not have time to explain what he really meant. "Indeed, this sentence is clumsy, I am quite ready to recognize it (…) His speech seemed interesting to listen to and it is difficult for me too.Because I was much criticized this forum with a phenomenal violence ", he added before being interrupted by his interlocutor" No, no (…) Violence, it is on the side of your sentence Really, it is terrible. This is terrible, "said Christine Angot calmly. Destabilized, Ocean has at all found the words, giving rise to a long moment of floating on the board. Franz-Olivier Giesbert, who finds the words in question "scary" and "indefensible", asked the guest to apologize for this platform. "We all say bullshit, and that's great, it's a bastard, even," the author said. If Océan assured that his sentence was neither a denial of the Holocaust, nor a criticism of the victims but only against the State of Israel, he did not convince the journalists at all and finally apologized , still embarrassed. Between awkwardness, disagreement and sensitive subject, the discomfort was felt for a long time … Here is an excerpt.
Jordan Landreau.


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