This Wednesday, around 18:30, a section of a building collapsed in the center of Charleville, at 18 rue Bourbon. 30 minutes later, it is a part of the 3-story building that collapsed.

This would be the building next to the H & M store yard. The stairwell serving the apartments is visible from the street. "I saw the floors sink," says a resident of the building in shock. The inhabitants have all been evacuated, "But not pets".

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In total 17 evacuees. Little hope of finding the two cats of one of the tenants.

Impressive images of the collapse.

After the collapse of the wall, firefighters rescued a tenant using the large ladder. Soon after, it was the stairs that started to collapse and a whole part of the building.

A second building is cracking.

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There are, in theory, no wounded, but the residents are shocked. Two people were taken care of by firefighters. Several people will have to be relocated because the damage is very important.

Many firemen from Charleville and Sedan are on site. Specialized help is on the way.

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All the inhabitants of the street were evacuated and the businesses closed. Clearing and securing operations will last all night. Firefighters install all the equipment, while a mobile command post is already installed on site. Relief flock from the entire department.

More information to come.



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