VIDEO: Plane crashes in Miami and catches fire, all passengers survive

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A RED Air plane heading to Miami crashed on the airstrip before catching fire. Miraculously, no death is to be deplored.

The images are striking. A RED Air plane from Santo Domingo crashed at Miami International Airport in the United States. The aircraft then caught fire but the 126 passengers and 11 crew members are safe and sound, the balance sheet amounts to three minor injuries. During the landing, “technical difficulties” would have been encountered, said the company Red Air.

A plane carrying 126 people caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport.
Three people on board were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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It’s a scene worthy of a disaster movie. The plane of a Dominican company missed its landing on the runway of Miami airport, going so far as to hit a building. The device caught fire. The 137 people on board were able to be evacuated.
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The causes of the fire have yet to be determined, the most probable track being the bursting of the nose landing gear on contact with the landing strip. “The plane first landed and a tire exploded. It then bounced before crashing to the ground. It’s a real miracle,” testified the mayor of Miami-Dade County.

A real miracle ud83dude4fud83dude4f. Thank God only 4 injuries are reported on this Red Air airline plane, which landed in Miami from Santo Domingo with 126 passengers on board

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“I thought I was going to die. I hugged the old man next to me. It was awful. We were rocking from side to side and the windows shattered. Then , people started running and I jumped out of my seat and I started running because there was fire”, attests Paola Garcia, survivor of the disaster to the American channel CBS (relayed by TF1 ).