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A plane ride from New Orleans to Texas left some regrettable images that have turned social media upside down.

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Everything happened this Sunday, August 1. Flight 4698, of American Airlines, it arrived until Austin, in Texas, on time. The plane was parked on the runway properly. In the signs of each passenger appeared the ‘endorsement’ to remove the seatbelt. With this they prepared to descend.

Two passengers, barely unbelted, they started a fight Before which airport officials had to intervene.

After that, a third intervened, but to attack the other two.

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According to some witnesses to the event, the men had been arguing because one had the seat ‘very reclined’ and he was probably getting it too close.

After that there were no major expletives until the start of the fight.

Images of the coups circulated on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The witnesses looked for multiple methods to stop the fight. Even the plane personnel came to stop them. After that the authorities were informed and they proceeded to arrest the subjects, who, apparently, were not arrested after explaining the puzzling motive for the attacks.

According to ‘The Mirror’, a representative of American Airlines indicated that the altercation of the passengers was controlled in time, although many of the other occupants, the witnesses of the unusual exchange of fists, released images and videos about the fact.

The majority of complaints from Twitter users who boarded the plane was that they almost missed interconnection flightsBecause for some, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was just one stopover on a much longer journey.

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