UPDATE 11: 30am the Man was pulled safely from the well deep into the who had fallen.

UPDATE 11: 10 Targa-shovel was lowered by rope into the well.

UPDATE TIME 10.40 Still a firefighter paramedic was lowered into the well to help his colleague. The two will try to bring it to the surface on the hurt.

UPDATE TIME 10.35 A firefighter paramedic was lowered into the well, to see the status of the man and see which is the best way to bring it to the surface without to be caused more serious injuries. The man will be restrained on the stretcher called the “shovel”.

UPDATE TIME 10.20 the Man says that it hurts the shoulder blade and a leg, which he hit in the fall. The fire department estimated that the depth at which is located the man is 12 feet.

A man aged 44 years fell in the morning of Friday, January 19, in a shaft of sightseeing, deep-15 meters, located on the Bay at Ovid, the Danube-Black Sea Canal.

A truck of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Dobrogea has already left the intervention. The truck has a way of extrication and first aid. The Ambulance service Constanta convey that the man is conscious and cooperating with the surface.

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