VIDEO Russia has tested the Zirkon hypersonic missile: It is one of the most modern weapons developed

Russia will ceremoniously unveil a new fighter: It presented it in a mysterious VIDEO clip!

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense, the missile was fired from a frigate by Admiral Gorshkov, hitting a designated target on the Barents Sea coast off the northwest coast of Russia. “The Zirkon missile has successfully hit a target more than 350 kilometers away. Its flight has reached a speed of almost Mach 7,” stated in a ministry statement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin first acknowledged the existence of this newly developed hypersonic weapon in February 2019. According to him, the 3M22 Zircon missile should be able to hit targets on land and at sea up to a distance of 1000 kilometers after development and testing, up to a supersonic speed of mach 9 .

The first test of this anti-ship missile took place in January 2020 and since then several more have been performed. In the future, selected Russian warships and submarines should be equipped with this hypersonic weapon.

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