VIDEO. Sexual Harassment: Let's stop judging each other the others ", the moving message of Maïwenn


Maïwenn at the Cannes Film Festival, May 23, 2017. – Valery HACHE / AFP
She claims the right for all women to “not be judged”. Maïwenn , who had not publicly expressed himself on the sexual harassment since that broke the Weinstein case , gave his opinion Monday on France 2, reading a platform in the show amazing .
After the tribune signed by Catherine Deneuve and a collective of 100 women to defend “the freedom to importunate” and the many reactions than the text sparked , whose accusations of “despising the victims” Maïwenn wished to take the floor to claim the right to be different in the face of suffering.
Amazing # : Since the scandal of the Weinstein affair, the director and actress # Maïwenn finally agreed to confide in @LeaSalame . In exclusivity, she delivers us a written text in answer to the platform of the 100 women. Complete maintenance THIS EVENING 23H30 on @ France2tv ! – Bangumi (@Bangumiprod) January 22, 2018
“I claim the right to heal my wounds as I want”
“Write a movie, write a letter, write an SMS, use words and phrases that do not mean the same thing to you as to me. I claim the right to heal my wounds as I want, “begins the director of Poliss and My king facing Léa Salamé.
>> Read also: Catherine Deneuve assumes the controversial forum but presents “apologies” to the victims “I claim the right to sleep with whom I want for the time of a night without being an easy woman when men are deceivers. I demand the right to have power in my work without scaring men. I claim the right to be dredged with clumsiness, insistence and call it “annoying” if I want, “continues Maïwenn.
“For pity, let’s stop judging each other”
Visibly moved, the actress continues reading: “I claim the right not to be judged if I use words that do not have the same resonance as for you. I’m asking that we do not judge a woman if she needed to write a book about her history of sexual harassment. I’m asking for the right not to judge a woman who thinks we have to fend for ourselves after a rape. We are not all equal in pain and resilience and we do not have the same mental or physical ability to recover from our trauma, “she says.
“Do not judge a woman who loves violence while making love, do not judge a woman who does not recover with one hand to the buttocks. Let us not judge intellectual women who speak and shake our morals. ”
“For pity’s sake, let’s stop judging each other,” begins Maïwenn, before interrupting with emotion. After a break, she continues: “Something historic is being played, at this moment, so let’s be united. Everyone must be able to suffer from what he wants, as he wants and when he wants. We will get there. “



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