VIDEO – The fight that cost Casemiro red during Manchester United – Crystal Palace

It is a sad scene that took place during the Manchester United – Crystal Palace match. Casemiro was sent off for an outrageous move.

“Casemiro has adapted wellrecently explained Raphaël Varane at the microphone of Canal. He brings a lot of balance to the team. It is not the first role in the team but it is extremely important. » If the Brazilian midfielder certainly brought rigor to the Mancunian game, he had above all brought Manchester United the vice that he sometimes lacked. But this Saturday, the former Real Madrid exceeded the limits against Crystal Palace: he was excluded for a scandalous gesture in the heart of a general fight.

A general fight, a scandalous gesture, a logical red

In a game that had been controlled from start to finish, Manchester United were quietly leading 2-0 against Crystal Palace following goals from Bruno Fernandes from the penalty spot and Marcus Rashford, when a general fight broke out. If Jeffrey Schlupp and Antony were yellowed for their involvement in this distressing scene, it was the Brazilian Casemiro who stood out for a scandalous gesture.

As tempers flare, the cameras indeed intercept a bewildering reaction from the middle of the Red Devils : Scalded by the ambient tension, the Brazilian midfielder grabs Will Hughes by the throat with the two. The powerful Mancunian is logically excluded. 6 minutes later, Schlupp reduced the gap for Crystal Palace and put the pressure on: when he had the game in hand, Manchester United began to stress. THE Red Devils finally hold until the end and ensure the victory, at the end of the match.