VIDEO The Island: Mike Horn welcomes celebrities by throwing a caiman on their feet

VIDEO The Island: Mike Horn welcomes celebrities by throwing a caiman on their feet

For the premiere of The Island Celebrities Mike Horn immediately put in the bath the stars arriving with … a caiman under the arm. Friendly. The Island , it’s not Koh Lanta , and Mike Horn definitely has nothing of a Denis Brogniart. This Tuesday, May 15, M6 aired the first issue of the program of extreme survival and the least we can say is that the channel did not lie when she spoke of hell. The proof, as a welcome, Mike Horn decided to do an accelerated training on caimans to the famous participants. >>> The Island Celebrities: Mike Horn dezingue Lââm and Camille Deer No offense to Lââm , mosquitoes are not the only hungry animals to live on the island that served as a filming location in The Island Celebrities . So it was with a reptile under his arm that the explorer landed before throwing it at the feet of the candidates, without even saying hello. A very impressive moment for Stomy Bugsy, Amaury Leveaux and the others. And that was without counting on Mike Horn’s incongruous request: “We’ll start right away by catching a crocodile” . It’s the intrepid Brahim Zaibat (he lost himself twice in the jungle and almost died of thirst before finding the beach) who took things in hand, throwing on the reptile a jacket. Mike Horn showed how to control the beast. >>> The Island: Lââm explains why she shaved her head for the show Putting all his weight on the animal, the experienced adventurer showed how to grab the caiman to avoid being bitten. The procedure was immediately repeated by Louisy Joseph. And this sequence was not just there to make the ratings. A few minutes later, it was in a water infested with caiman hunting that celebrities started the adventure … The first episode The Island Celebrities it was also: – An unleashed Lââm … Before the departure, wearing a Pokémon cap, she put her foot in the dish and asked the question to Olivier Dion, the one that was asked 1.759 times in his life: “So are you from Celine Dion’s family or not? ” – Stomy Bugsy is vegan on an island where they only eat whelks and oysters. It’s gonna be fun. – The story does not tell, at the end of the adventure, how much Gwendal Peizerat? We ask you the question. (You have 4 hours.) – Lââm has revealed (and repeated) that she has ” phobia ” some water. So Amaury Leveaux taught him how to swim. It is true that it was really the moment, amid the caimans hunting. – We had a big thought for the unknown cameramen who, in addition to not being entitled to a portrait in due form, had to pay attention to the snakes, not to slip, while filming the stars to crepe the hair bun. Hat, guys. – “Lââm, do not talk anymore. It can be dangerous. ” So, we did not hear it anymore. – Amaury Leveaux had a great first night: “Little I was going to make cabins … WAIT TO A BABY MOUSE THERE! Oh no, it’s good. So I said, little I was going in the woods … WHAT’S IN THE TREE THERE? ” . The intestinal transit point of the day, by Amaury Leveaux “I want to go guys, I’ll go for a swim! ” Good evening, poetry friends. (And goodbye.) The info SVT of the day, by Mike Horn “Naturally, the man does not walk straight. He drifts because of his strong foot. You have to force yourself to walk once to the left of a tree, once to the right. “

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