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After friendship, ten years ago, you are dealing this time with the family and values ​​of the north. You are our best ambassador through this film. That was the intention? Dany Boon : Yes, indeed, it was talking about the northern region through this Duquenne family, the values ​​of love and emotion. There are scenes of emotion that I have particularly cared for. It is important for me to make laugh but also this part of emotion. What happened to this Valentin D. when he arrives and when we pick him at the beginning of the film? We do not recognize it. It’s a little you, what could have happened to you? It could have happened to me if I had denied my origins. If I had denied who I was. Because when we arrive in Paris, when we are in the art world and we are in Paris, there is a tendency for advisers – who are not often the best advice – to say “lose your accent, that do province, it will not work … “I had sketches like” The social worker “where I was doing a ch’ti character who had problems with his kid and I spoke like cha and I was” depressed ” , I sang “I’m fine, everything is fine”. I was told, you can not do skits on depression, you can not do sketches with that accent. The little family, Johnny, his plans … Dany Boon confides Have you almost let yourself be tempted by this image to work? No, that is to say, that made me doubt. Not for what I wanted to do. But I could not do otherwise, it’s my roots, my reason for being. I could not help but play like that and tell these stories. I thought too bad, it will not work or not good. In fact, paradoxically, that’s what made it work harder. When François Berléand says in the movie “Here, here are the beaufs”, who speaks at that time? It’s the Parisians who see us like that? Are you the ones who are getting bigger? -No, it’s some … Yes it’s some Parisians who can talk like that but it’s generic. It’s the same, I did not want to caricature either the Parisians. The family relationship between François who is a bit of the villain of the film: he has a motivation to be mean. He wants his daughter and son-in-law to succeed as much as possible and to shine as much as possible, so he goes as far as topple his own son-in-law to prevent him from calling the press … And then there is to this love affair with Constance, this Parisian who suddenly, she, sees her husband transform, become again who he was before and she said to herself: “I must take the step towards him, she puts herself to learn ch’ti for love … It’s full of stories … And there is Line Renaud who tells you: “Wherever we have arrived, no matter how successful we are, we must not forget where we come from, where are you talking? -It’s my mother talking, there … Have you always been told that? -We must never forget where we are from It stayed? -Yes, it remained yes. Of course. And saying … I love it when he says: “I would never have succeeded without this lie”. And she answers him: “But what tells you that you succeeded?” That’s very true, it’s very fair. Whatever the social level that can be achieved or whatever the success or notoriety, it has nothing to do with where is the real success. True success, she is in the heart. She is in “being oneself”, in the true, what and well-being with others. Success, you know it … Los Angeles, Paris, around the world and your roots always bring you back here. is that the idea, is that in your real life, your line of conduct, it is there and you are faithful, you remain faithful to your roots, your attachments, your loved ones? -Yes, I remain faithful to my roots. First, I come often. But above all, in my writing, {I’m careful} not to make a mocking or caricatural film. This is why people are moved by the film. It’s not schoolboy … Y’a deep, I did not want the characters of Guy and Valerie or even Line are excessive … The tuned car is not bad anyway, we are not far? -I have known that But it’s not general -But besides the moped, the sport, at the end, it is tuned … It is that of my brother in fact. She really existed this moped? -Yes, it’s true, it’s my brother’s moped and I tuned it. I had done with the airbrush a drawing of unicorn with a waterfall on the tank … You shot in Oudezeele, it was important to have a scene shot in the North? -All scenes from the north are made in the north. The film starts, there are helicopter plans that are very beautiful on West Flanders. Pierre Richard, could that have been your movie father? Line Renaud is your mother of cinema, Pierre Richard, he arrives late in your course finally … -Pierre, I called him. I told him, “Are you talking ch’ti?” He answered “Ker kie”. I said it’s good. I was very happy that he accepts and participates in the film. I am very fond of Pierre Richard. I show Pierre Richard’s films to my children. It was necessary to wait 10 years, for, after “Welcome cghez les ch’tis”, do “La ch’tite famille”? -Sure … There’s no recipe or rule … Me, it lasted 10 years before making a film in the north. People have been asking me for a long time. Every time I was in the north, people were asking for it. I put time, simply, I was waiting to have the good idea, the story, to have a movie rich enough to say ok I’m ready to make this movie. Without telling the end, there is a moment of emotion that circumstances have magnified … This choice, this tribute to an artist, was planned? How did that happen ? What was the initial idea of ​​this end? -No, the idea was simply that the birthday of my mother’s 81 years in the movie, of Line, that it is actually an answer at the beginning of the film. How are 81 years old? They pretend not to know and then there is this party. And I wanted the father who is very unpleasant throughout the movie to sing a song for his wife. A love song and what’s more beautiful than “I love you” by Johnny? So no, it was planned well before … Circumstances make the end of this film as poignant as many great moments of emotion in “La Ch’tite famille” -Yes, it’s very moving, even for me, to see him again. It is very moving. We were very close. I liked Johnny very much. He loved “Welcome to the sh’tis? -Yes, even all my movies. he was a fan of my films. I even had a project with him. I wanted to offer him a role, we talked about it regularly. Sadly… What would it have been? Did you have an idea? -I wanted him to play in one of my movies. I had a role for him of a gypsy chef, but hey … It was an idea. it’s a story I did not write but … He was leaving? -Yes of course. Very. People have asked you the question of the next film. do you make a film, not to mention the next, a ch’ti movie? Because ch’ti, it gives ideas of scenario, there are plenty of stories to tell … Yes, of course, yes I love shooting in the area and if I have a strong idea, I will come yes of course. So in 2018, at the end of 2018, we meet again to celebrate the 25 millionth spectator of “La ch’tite famille”, to break the record? (Laughter) -No, no, we do not care about records! It’s not the number of spectators, it’s the intensity of the emotion that counts … At The Voice of the North , Dany Boon also spoke about these future projects and in particular his next film as a director: « It would be a shoot in 2019 for an exit in 2020. For now, it’s happening in Marseille. If all goes well, it would be with Kad Merad and Alice Pol. I am currently writing. (…) It’s a film that revolves around insurance. Dany Boon will act before that as an actor in an adaptation of Feydeau’s “Turkeys”, with Guillaume Gallienne. All weekend, Dany Boon and the actors of “La ch’tite famille” are in the Hauts-de-France to present the film in preview. The first echoes are positive. Dany Boon presents “La ch’tite famille” in the North and Pas-de-Calais

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