VIDEO the Passion of the last 100 villagers from the Old lady. Commune the smallest in the country has remained cut off from the rest of the world

VIDEO the Passion of the last 100 villagers from the Old lady. Commune the smallest in the country has remained cut off from the rest of the world

In the village the Old lady from the Land of the forest people, the more I live a little over 100 people, and the majority are elderly, over 60 years. Some are sick and weak, but accustomed to live in isolation and loneliness, and took his time with livestock farming.

In the past three decades, the population of the four villages in the commune of the lowest in the country (the Old, Red Face, Stone and Răchițaua) was reduced three times. The population decline has contributed to the poor condition of the road to the hamlets of the Old woman. The last 25 miles it crosses a vast forest, ascending slowly toward the ridge of the mountain. They are covered with gravel and earth, and once with the onset of winter are becoming more and more inaccessible.

“Snow falls over the villages of the Old woman earlier than in other places, so I have to get ready in time. We do supplies of wood and food, hay for the animals, finish the farm work and we retire to our accommodation. Few of the elderly leave their homes to come down from the mountain, and some do not even have go out in the winter of households”, says Maria, a elderly from the Old lady.

“we don’t have water and we are afraid that we will get wood if the winter will be hard. Other households do not, however, have no power in the villages of up. The place is sealed off from the rest of the world, and in the winter we need to guard the animals in the farmyards of wildlife hungry which is coming often from the village,” says another local. Only the cars with the wood still roam these days the streets of the village the Old lady, by downloading the tumblers in court. Many households are deserted, and the wooden walls of the houses and the roofs of shingles and hay stand to collapse. In homes where chimneys still smoking, some things have changed.

“Those who had money to make changes to their homes have gradually replaced the wooden walls with those in the BCA and the roofs of old with those of the board. They gave the people and traditions here, because the wood has become more expensive as the materials of construction and the locals have never had the money for it. Of small pensions, some vârsntici not afford to pay any wood for the winter, even if the villages are surrounded by hundreds of hectares of forest”, says John, another woodsman.

the Commune of a broken civilization, located nearly 70 kilometers from the municipality of Deva, can be proud of, however, with a few miles of streets paved in the village of Old and even with an attempt, that failed in the past years, establishing a network of fiber-optic internet.

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