Video: The Virsnīši family returned from an 8,000 km trip with a ‘Jeep’

In order to really get to know your car, you need to spend more time with it, because to tell the truth – in short trips, you may never even notice what you can learn by being behind the wheel of a car for hours and going on adventures in the wide world.

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This time, the program “Tavs Auto TV” of the studio “RJ76 Films” meets a family that has just returned from an 8,000 km long trip with “Jeep Compass”.

It is the Virsnīš family – television personality Kristīne, her husband, recipe blog creator Kaspars, and their children Amelia and Kaspars junior (or Kukis) – who value adventurous adventures while traveling by car more than lazy vacations on a warm beach.

Having traveled around Africa in a self-built camper a few years ago, this year they set off on a grand tour of Europe, sitting in a Jeep Compass 4xe SUV.