VIDEO. Three golden rules to avoid being spied on by his cellphone

VIDEO.  Three golden rules to avoid being spied on by his cellphone

Simple tips to avoid being spied on by your own mobile phone. After the revelations about the data kept by Facebook and Google, we asked Gérôme Billois, specialist cyberattacks at Wavestone , to give us its golden rules not to see the data of our smartphone being hacked without our knowledge. They are three in number. The first is to check what applications are installed and what they require. For example, when a flashlight application will ask to access the GPS position, or address book. Why ? We must ask the question and be very vigilant about what we will allow applications to do on your phone. Gérôme Billois USAinformations The second concerns the information transmitted by these applications. This requires going to the settings of his phone. On an iPhone, for example, in the Privacy tab, you can check which applications have access to photos, health data or the microphone. >> Free wifi, geolocation and cookies: how your phone spies on you Finally, this specialist strongly advises us to favor 3G and 4G, more secure networks, rather than public wifi. And if you have no other choice, ” you need to focus on applications rather than the classic web browser, whether it’s Chrome or Safari, which can leak more information. ” Read also Related topics

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