Video: Through tears, Kristina Lilley shaved her head: “seeing me is painful” – Pasión de Gavilanes – Breast cancer

In addition to Passion of Hawks, Kristina Lilley has stood out in the world of television for her multiple roles in productions, such as The woman in the mirror, Decisions, Chepe Fortuna, The black widow, Who killed Patricia Soler?, The law of the heart, La Nocturna 2, Analía’s revenge, among other.

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Kristina Lilley fights cancer

In 2010, the actress was diagnosed with cervical cancer, for which she had to undergo treatment, from which she emerged victorious. Months later, she confirmed that she had breast cancer, which, fortunately, was detected and fought on time. At that time, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor and 16 radiation therapy sessions.

At the end of last year, Lilley confessed that he was battling the disease again. A few days ago, the actress, who must undergo a series of chemotherapy, revealed one of the consequences. “My hair began to fall out, one thinks that one is ready for these things, but no, they are quite complex and they are sad, very sad to lose my hair and everything, but hey, here I go, thanks for your messages, they are so beautiful, I read them, I thank you so, so, so, so much, it gives me great encouragement, it gives me great joy to read them, thank you”, said.

What happened to Kristina Lilley?

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the Colombian-American published on her social networks one of the hardest moments she has had to face when suffering from this disease. Through a video that already has more than 42 thousand likes, The actress showed that she anticipated hair loss and decided to shave her head with the help of her son-in-law. Without a doubt, she moved her followers because she could not hide her tears when she saw her new image. “My awakening a difficult day…Thank you. to God it was in family. My son-in-law passed me the machine. Seeing myself is painful, but I looked at myself, I cried and I have cried, but I am seeing something different in my eyes… courage… Thank you Zach”, read in the description of the post.

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His friends and followers did not hesitate to leave him messages of encouragement, recognizing his courage. “You are health, you are perfect, you are life, you are light. There is only room for that in you. So be it”, “you are brave and inspiring Kris. Strong and tight hugs for you and your family that accompany you”, “beautiful woman. The hair grows I hug you very tight. God bless every second of your very long healthy life”, “you look beautiful”, “you are teaching us to dance in the rain. You are beautiful, brave and powerful”, “all blessings my heart to you. Always in my prayers. God with you”, “you are a warrior”.