VIDEO – To replace Luis Suarez, Barça is preparing a big surprise – Transfers


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MERCATO – To replace Luis Suarez, soon 34 years old, Barça has set his sights on a protégé of Unai Emery at Arsenal. A Lyonnais sent to England and a nugget that will trade above 100 million euros is the menu of Mercato Buzz. (Directed by: Anne Thirion)

The rumors of transfers, the mercato info, the headlines of the transfer pages are in your issue of the Mercato Buzz dated 07/11/2019. journalists do the trick and sort for you.

The clubs that subscribe to Mercato Buzz are PSG, OM, OL, Barça, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern and Big 4 of the Premier League.

Eurosport only with CANAL *

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