Video: to the rhythm of the Banda de Baranoa, Roy Barreras celebrated the triumph of Gustavo Petro

In the photo: Roy Barreras, Senator of the Historic Agreement. (Colprensa – Camila Diaz)

After learning that Gustavo Petro will be the new president of Colombia for the period 2022 – 2026, the celebrations in the vicinity of the Movistar Arena did not stop by sympathizers of the Historical Pact.

Both citizens and politicians in office came together to give a show of euphoria over Petro’s victory, in particular Roy Barrerassenator in office of the Social Party of National Unity (period 2018 – 2022) who campaigned during the last semester for his peer from the Colombia Humana party to occupy the seat of the house of Nariño.

Regardless of his past in the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez and also in that of Juan Manuel Santos, Barreras Montealegre will be part of the Petro Government as a senator elected by the Historical Pact party. At the end of the registry count, Roy became a trend when he was caught on camera dancing to the music of the Baranoa band inside the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.

This is how the celebration of the incumbent senator took place, published on video by the political portal La Silla Vacía:

At the venue for the celebration of the candidate Gustavo Petro, Senator Roy Barreras expressed his joy at the triumph of the first progressive president of Colombia / (Twitter: @lasillavacia)

Subsequently, Barreras posted on Twitter his thanks to the Colombian people with the hashtag #PetroPresidente and the following speech at around 7:21 pm:

“Here, the day of triumph: Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez enter. Thank you, Colombia, thank you young people, women, peasants, workers… The change has come now; polarization passed. The unity, the reconciliation of Colombia: let’s all work on that. Thanks, Colombia, they deserve the win. Thank you, let’s celebrate in peace.”

The senator of the Social Party of National Unity celebrated the victory at the polls of his counterpart from Colombia Humana and gave a speech of thanks to the people / (Twitter: @RoyBarreras)

As if it were a concert in the place that rented the leader of the Historical Pact for approximately 150 million pesosthe citizens entered through gate 2 of the covered coliseum and He made the venue an unprecedented party in view of the fact that there was a victory with a high margin of difference and that he surpassed the historic number of voters in an election to elect the head of state.

The final balance delivered by the National Registry of Civil Status yielded a total of 22.658 million voters inside and outside of Colombia. Gustavo Petro beat Rodolfo Hernández by one difference of 700,603 voters. Both candidates exceeded the votes obtained four years ago by the Democratic Center candidate, Iván Duque Márquez, who obtained 10,398,689 against Petro for the elections valid for the 2018-2022 government period.

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Over there, Senator Barreras was caught on camera dancing in the company of two women who cannot hide their joy at the victory of the political project represented by Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez.

After leaving a campaign flight, Senator Roy Barreras learned that campaign strategy videos had been leaked and in them strategies were known to attack other candidates such as Sergio Fajardo y Alexander Gaviriain addition to the fact that they knew, before knowing each other publicly, visits by campaign members to extraditables.

The first reaction of the elected senator and head of debate for Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign was to describe the recordings made in private meetings as a crime. “Our campaign is being illegally hacked and infiltrated. For less, a government and a right-wing party fell at Watergate”, maintained Barreras in social networks.

In addition, he asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate who was responsible for the recordings, considering them a crime. But he maintained that there was no evidence of any illegal act, a strange plan that was linked to the campaign of the Historical Pact


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