VIDEO. TOP 14. From a testosterone charge, Antoine Dupont wins the LOU defense over 20 meters!

As you know, Stade Toulousain won this Sunday evening against LOU thanks to its XXL bench. The entries of Ntamack, Marchand, Cros and Dupont shortly before the 50th minute of play made the difference in a lively end to the match at Ernest-Wallon. Dupont? For once, all eyes were not on the one who had just been crowned the best player of the 2022 Tournament, but rather on the internationals as a whole, grand slams just last week. However, it is still Dupont who lifted the stadium on an action of which he has the (physical) secret.

VIDEO SUMMARY. Top 14. Thanks to its XXL bench, Stade Toulousain beats Lyon and regains the podium

While Toulouse has just completed its success and recovers a last dismissal in its 22 meters, the Reds and Blacks take the pressure from Lyon on the ruck. It was then that Toto chose to activate the “Byron Kelleher” mode, a sort of cheat code reserved for scrum-half wider than tall and that the Stadium has already known in the past. He then started off quickly, escaping the inconvenient Saghinadze before taking Regard and Fainga’a over fifteen meters, well supported by François Cros “in the ass”.

And then with a final blow from the bust, gets out of the two Lyonnais, breaks Sopoaga’s tackle with the same ease as Steph Curry to put a 3-point basket, and finds the solution on the outside thanks to a triple jump . Dupont in the text, what…


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