VIDEO. Toulouse: “The squatters broke my house”, testifies the owner’s daughter

Marie-Ange, the daughter of Georges Dematis, 84, whose house has been squatted for a week in the Izards district, in Toulouse (© Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

A handful of people gathered this Tuesday, October 26 afternoon, in front of the squatted house by Georges Dematis, 84, route de Launaguet, in Toulouse, in order to make intruders listen to reason. Without success, for the time being.

The owner’s daughter, Marie Ange, unsuccessful candidate for the show Love is in the meadow (season 16), currently broadcast on M6, testifies to his disappointments withToulouse news.

“I’m disgusted because this is my house. I can’t get into it anymore. They (the squatters) are protected by the law which is unacceptable and unfair. I don’t know how to get them out. I am destitute, ”she laments.

The “nightmare” after a week of squatting

The “nightmare” described the day before on the phone, after a week of squat, has turned into carnage, according to her.

“They broke down my house. I want to go up to Paris tomorrow and do all the shows. We have to talk about it and move the laws to dislodge the squatters. Apparently, the legislation has changed but it is not applied. I do not do not know why we make laws in France “.

Marie-Ange Dematisdaughter of the owner of the squatted house and candidate for the show Love is in the meadow
Georges Dematis' house has been squatted for nearly a week in Les Izards, Toulouse
Georges Dematis’ house has been squatted for nearly a week in Les Izards, Toulouse (© Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

If about fifteen people broke into the premises, putting up a placard on the gates saying they were “protected by law”, they would have been “Up to thirty at night”, according to the testimonies collected by our journalist present on site.

Third intrusion in three years

The owner of this old market gardener located in the popular district of Izards This is not his first intrusion. It is indeed the third time squatters target her to find refuge there.

At 5.30 p.m., a van and two police vehicles secured the area around the house to prevent possible overflows between squatters and anti-squats.

The home of the octogenarian was about to be bought by a real estate developer who had to shave it for build a residence in place. For now, the project seems to have taken a lead in the wings.

What does the law say in the event of a squat?

During a visit to Toulouse, in February 2021, the Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon had returned to the misadventure of Roland, who like Georges today, had seen his house squatted on Avenue de Fronton. “Moved” by this situation, the member of the government recalled the forced evacuation procedure in the event of a home squatting. A procedure that had been reformed in December 2020.

“Now, in a case of the same type, there is no longer any need to go through justice since a law was passed and promulgated last December. As soon as we are in a primary or secondary residence squat, we will directly file a complaint with the police. The prefect can decide to resort to the police more quickly, without having to respect the winter break. For this type of situation in the future, the owners are better protected ”.

The end of the galley for these owners? “Yes, that should be the end of the obstacle course for them,” she said at the time.

(With Quentin Marais)

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