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Published on October 20th, 2022 |
by Webmaster

Two explorers in search of a forgotten treasure will disturb the idyll of an octopus and his beloved.

The treasure hunt is on!

Graduation film, class of 2020.

Directed by: Alexandre MANZANARES, Guillaume COSENZA, Philipp MERTEN, Silvan MOUTTE–ROULET
Animation: Philipp MERTEN, Silvan MOUTTE-ROULET
RIG : Philipp MERTEN
Lookdev : Alexandre MANZANARES
VFX: Guillaume COSENZA
Modeling: Guillaume COSENZA
Texturing, Shading : Alexandre MANZANARES
Lighting, Compositing : Alexandre MANZANARES
Rendering : Alexandre MANZANARES
Concept art: Philipp MERTEN, Silvan MOUTTE-ROULET
Original score : Dorian SPIESS
Mix: Pierre-Francois RENOUF
Producer : Julien DEPARIS

Source : School of New Images