World Video: Trial against "IS-Emir" begins

Video: Trial against "IS-Emir" begins


The trial of Mohamed A.G. began. The 33-year-old Syrian is accused of membership in the foreign terrorist organization "Islamic State". Attorney General Hanno Frielinghaus said on Wednesday in Frankfurt that the accused had also acted as a member: "Among other things, as a so-called Emir, he is said to have commanded a unit of armed fighters of unknown size, but at least 20, with them he carried out roadside checks and checkpoints, also performing religious police tasks, i.e., found violations of the strict Sharia law of the Islamic State, reported them, whereupon punishments that resulted in executions were reported should." According to the investigation, the defendant already joined the militia IS extremist in 2013 and apparently rose quickly in the management team. He then came to Germany in June 2015, where he initially stayed as a refugee. He was arrested in November 2018 after details of his alleged role in the Syrian civil war became known. Additional trial dates are initially scheduled until mid-March.


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