VIDEO: Watch how a powerful glue seals out uncontrollable hemorrhages in a matter of seconds


Researchers in China created a powerful glue that could stop arterial and heart hemorrhages in a matter of seconds. The study of the innovative substance was published on Tuesday in Nature.

It is a hydrogel, which differs from other cauterizers due to its good biocompatibility to adhere to wounds in Wet fabric or slippery surfaces in movement, like the heart or the liver. In addition, it would help repair ruptures of the aorta or seal heart wounds during possible penetrations in difficult surgical situations.

The process combines the placement of the glue in the bleeding area and the subsequent application of ultraviolet radiation. According to the researchers, these measures can support almost twice the blood pressure of most clinical settings and prevent patients with open wounds from bleeding.

At the moment, the experiments have only been carried out on animal organs, such as livers and arteries of pigs and rabbits, of which a video was published on the internet to show its effectiveness. It is also pointed out that the new hydrogel could be ready for surgical use in humans within three to five years.

"It is the first time that the high pressure bleeding of a heart, which beats with holes of cardiac penetration of 6 millimeters in diameter, stopped quickly and the wounds were sealed stably, using only gel for 20 seconds, without suture" , the authors affirmed.


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