Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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VIDEO. Watch in preview “Revenantes”, the documentary on the return of women parties in Syria

In a documentary “Infrared” , entitled Revenantes Director Marion Stalens has sought to understand how many women have joined the jihadist ideology and what has driven them to emerge. A documentary to see Tuesday, January 16 at 23:15 on France 2, and in preview Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, on our site franceinfo.fr. Some of these women were born into families of Muslim culture, others converted, some joined The Islamic State others have failed to join the terrorist organization. All have one thing in common: they have joined the jihadist system of thought at some point in their lives. In search of a better world or comfort, they return to the stages that led them to radicalization, and for certain, make the leap towards Syria . Each has a particular story. Laura, 31, a Belgian of Italian origin, recounts her childhood and the racism she suffered before her conversion. Emma, ​​19, has never recovered from a humanitarian trip to Guinea. Or Haya, child abused by his mother, “Caressed” by his schoolmaster, who adopts the veil to protect himself from men. These young women testify to what they experienced in the Syrian hell, the horror and hypocrisy of the men of the Islamic State: “settlers who stone women and decapitate men” . “Daesh has de-radicalized me,” says Laura today. Read also Related topics

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