VIDEO – “We are the parents of a killer and rapist”: meeting the families of criminals

JUSTICE – They are the children or parents of criminals. The TF1 program “Grands Reportages” followed four relatives of convicts whose lives were forever turned upside down.

Cut the bridges, or support forever, even condemning the ignominy of crime. The position of criminal families is often untenable. Jonathann Daval’s mother, interviewed in the subject of the TF1 program “Grands Reportages” at the top of this article, says she is aware of the Stations of the Cross that awaits her when she comes out of her son’s visit to the visiting room: “We have no choice, anyway we left for 22 years like that, so we make do with”. The murder of Alexia Daval by her husband Jonathann had long occupied the headlines, in particular because of the attitude of the young man, passed in front of the cameras of a particularly grieving widower to repentant criminal.

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Alizée tracks down on her face the resemblance to her hated mother. “It’s something very difficult”, she formulates, “to think that the person from whom I would like to be the most distant is the person to whom I resemble the most”. His mother tried on several occasions to kill his father, with the complicity of her lover, and of Alizé’s own companion. It was she who understood the first, and alerted the police. The young woman is now living a psychological hell, between the guilt of a criminal’s daughter and her mother’s whistleblower, while being undoubtedly a victim of her mother’s crimes.

He doesn’t deserve to be called daddy anymore– Vanessa

Vanessa, she was 22 when her life was shattered: her father, Jean-Pierre Vazard, paranoid and jealous, murdered her mother. “He doesn’t deserve to be called daddy anymore”, asserts Vanessa, standing in front of her mother’s grave, “I don’t want to call him that anymore, I mourned the loss of a father”. Her sister Maeva has taken the opposite position, and refuses to cut ties with her father, to whom she writes regularly in prison. “I’m his daughter, all the same”, she assures, “it’s unacceptable, whatever we want, but it’s not a monster”. Their brothers, too, seek to rebuild themselves by remodeling the family house, while their father tries to prevent them from doing so from the back of his cell.

I am the loving father of the person who did this– Dominique

“We are the parents of a killer and rapist”. This is how Sophie and Dominique Moulinas’ book opens, published three years after the conviction of their son Mathieu, for the murder and rape of a teenage girl, under the title: “Parents in perpetuity”. They never stopped wondering what they missed, if they too were guilty. “I am the loving father of the person who did this”, explains Mathieu’s father, “So I can’t completely detach myself from that feeling, to say to myself ‘what if we had noticed, if we had been more attentive, and if’. Our hell, it is there, in the ‘ and if’ “.

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Sons and daughters, fathers or mothers, all the characters in this Grand Reportage are innocent people, who nevertheless suffer heavy prejudices. The criminals, of whom they were intimate, all received heavy prison terms, and it is as if a part of them is condemned and also captive. Because if we can envision the future, the past cannot be remade. “Seeing him in family photos is unbearable”, Vanessa admits of her father, “I don’t want to remember anything with him anymore “. But the memory is not erased like a photo, and the reconstruction time will be long.

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