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VIDEO – “We must stop the salads”: the controversial remarks of Jean Messiha on the Covid-19

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For Jean Messiha, people under 50 without comorbidities risk “virtually nothing” were contaminated by Covid-19. On the CNews set, this Monday, July 19, the polemicist positioned himself in favor of compulsory vaccination for all fragile or “vulnerable” people.

The debate on compulsory (or not) vaccination against Covid-19 is raging. Since Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the health pass, many demonstrations have been scattered in France to protest against this measure deemed to be liberticidal by some. At the same time, the epidemic situation in France seems to be starting up again, with an increase in new positive cases. For Jean Messiha, the Covid-19 would be fatal “only for categories of the population who are over 60 years of age or have comorbidities. “You have to stop the salads! If you are under 50 and have no co-morbidities, you are at virtually no risk”, claimed the CNews polemicist in Time for the pros, this Monday July 19.

The management of the epidemic by Emmanuel Macron is the subject of all criticism. For now, vaccination will be compulsory for caregivers once the bill passed in Parliament. The extension of the health pass to all places open to the public (restaurants, mainline trains, museums, etc.) is a way for the Head of State to encourage the French to be vaccinated without requiring them. According to Jean Messiha, a “true” health policy would have been to introduce compulsory vaccination fragile people or “vulnerable”. “You are going to say: ‘it stigmatizes, it creates inequalities’. But we do not care about that! From the moment it is a matter of national security, it must be done”, he said vehemently, causing a stir on the set.

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An epidemic of “youth”

After several weeks of recession, the health authorities note a rebound in the epidemic, even raising fears a 4th wave. It would even seem that the youngest are more concerned by contamination. According to Olivier Véran, the country is in the grip “an epidemic of young people”. “15-40 year olds and even 20-30 year olds have the highest incidence rate in some departments”, indicated the Minister of Health during an interview at the microphone of RTL, this Tuesday, July 20, evoking an incidence rate of over 1,000 among young people from the Pyrénées-Orientales. However, younger people develop fewer severe symptoms than their elders, “so we don’t see any hospital impact yet”, according to the minister.

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Photo credits: CNews screenshot

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