Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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VIDEO. We summarize the crazy history of Brexit

Theresa May at a press conference on April 11, 2019. – Frederic Sierakowski / Isopix

  • The Brexit has been postponed again, this time until October 31st.
  • The British Parliament fails to reach a majority to validate the withdrawal agreement.
  • The vote on Brexit will soon be celebrating its third anniversary.

And it's gone for a ride. The 27 EU countries agreed on Wednesday in Brussels to postpone once again the departure of the 28th state, the United Kingdom. From now on, the British have until October 31 to find an agreement that would allow an "orderly exit" of the European Union.

Although Theresa May still hopes that the Brexit will take place before
European elections (from 23 to 26 May), the country will have to prepare to organize these elections. A perspective that seemed unlikely three years ago, when the British voted for Brexit in the majority. But since then, the many twists and turns have not helped to see more clearly. Fortunately, 20 minutes is here to offer you a short chronology of the major events.


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