Video: what Gen Z consumes

In the digital age, culture is constantly changing; especially among young Internet users. In its Culture & Trends report, YouTube analyzed the habits and motivations of the under 25s in terms of video consumption. The study is more than 50 pages, but above all three trends are noted:

  • Community power. Among Generation Z, the passions and niche topics that are strongly shared. Thanks to the video format, Internet users transform their hobbies into experiences that they then gladly share. Memes are also on the rise and 57% of 18-24 year olds admit that they like it when brands get involved. Beyond the creative character, the result is both cultural and interactive.
  • The development of multi-format. The short video is gaining momentum and, in this niche, creators must redouble their creativity to stand out from the crowd. They can thus hope to gain notoriety and monetize longer video clips, which will potentially bring in more money. In terms of consumption, 59% of Generation Z explains that they use applications that broadcast short videos to get inspired and then go and watch the long versions. In the end, the concepts of duration and format no longer have limits and they juggle between short and long videos.
  • The emotional need. Among content creators, there are now “comfort creators”. Those who give their subscribers the benefit of visual and sound atmospheres. ASMR has developed a lot during the pandemic and today 83% of young Internet users say they watch soothing content to relax.

It’s time for change! What made the buzz yesterday is no longer necessarily up to date. Although overall certain themes or subjects remain popular, things are changing among 18-24 year olds. 65% believe that content that concerns them personally is more important than general content.

So, is this the end of virality as we know it? Possible. We did not mourn the end of the videos of cats or certain influencers… Generation Z is in search of meaning and this also applies to the content they consume. Their gaze now turns to subjects that are useful and important to them.