Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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VIDEO – Why Charles Aznavour did not attend tribute to Johnny Hallyday after his death

Charles Aznavour did not attend the tribute to Johnny Hallyday at the Madeleine last Saturday, December 9, shortly after the death of the rocker. Guest on the set of Tea or coffee on France 2 this Sunday, January 14, the singer explains his point of view. Saturday, December 9, three days after the death of Johnny Hallyday, all Paris had found himself at the Madeleine for bid farewell to the legendary French rocker . Alain Souchon, Claire Chazal, Michel Drucker, Marion Cotillard, Philippe Labro, Maïwenn, Philippe Maneuver, Jean-Marie Périer … they all responded. Charles Aznavour, by contrast, was not at the rendezvous. The 93-year-old singer was very close to Johnny Hallyday, they even lived together for two years , intermittently. Guest of Catherine Ceylac in Tea or coffee on France 2 this Sunday, December 14, the author of Bohemian seemed very much affected by the loss of the one he had taken under his wing . ” I decided to mourn in the Armenian way. When we lose a loved one, we mourn for 40 days. I mourned. Here”, announced Charles Aznavour. The singer-songwriter then explained why, despite his immense sorrow, he was not among Johnny Hallyday’s relatives at the Madeleine nor did he look the tribute broadcast on television . ” It’s not a show, Charles Aznavour pointed out to Catherine Ceylac. I understand that people are watching, it’s something else. But I, I did not want to do it . In addition, I was abroad He continued.

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