(Video) With a baby in her arms, they take out a woman who was demanding liquidation in a warehouse: she was handcuffed and everything

The case quickly went viral, even President Petro himself spoke out about what happened.

During the morning of this Tuesday, a video went viral on social networks in which it is seen how a woman, apparently was claiming her liquidation in a clothing store, was removed by the Police.

What astonished Internet users the most was how the woman was removed from the place with a baby in her arms, who can be heard crying in the middle of the struggle. It was known that another minor was involved in the scene, since he was the one who recorded the video.

In the images you can see that the woman was handcuffed by a uniformed man, and she says: “don’t take my girl away from me. I let myself be handcuffed, but record how they take me out of the store that owes me 2 million pesos for 2 years and they don’t want to cancel me.

The situation began to turn from ‘brown to dark’, since the claimant could not carry her baby while under arrest, and who raised her voice volume so that passers-by on the site would know the situation.

“I am handcuffed by a company that owes me a settlement and does not want to pay me. They called the police and they are taking me out handcuffed […]. I did not steal anything, it is the company that does not want to pay me, “said the woman.

What does the company respond?

The clothing brand explained exactly what happened. According to a statement, it is said that Wendy Norelys Álvarez Sarmiento worked as a “business advisor in Cartagena and her employment contract ended on October 20, 2020.”

It is said that the woman did not agree with the settlement value and the subject was sued. Finally, they clarify that last September $3,002,500 pesos would have been consigned. The company regretted the way the woman was removed from the premises.

Gustavo Petro rejected video

The President of the Republic himself heard about the case and rejected it, describing the treatment of the employee as “deplorable.”

“Respect for labor rules should be daily bread. This treatment of a working woman who is a bearer of rights is deplorable ”, she posted on her Twitter account.