The technical incident occurred Wednesday night.

Approximately 1,400 passengers were stuck for almost three hours in a RER A train, on the evening of Wednesday, September 12, between the Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile and La Défense stations due to a technical incident. The train stopped at around 11 pm and the train traffic had to be interrupted between the two stations because of "catenary problem"Explains the RATP.

The sending of a load shed allowed the evacuation of people trapped in the tunnel. It was not until around 2 am that all the passengers were able to be transported to the La Défense station, just before the traffic resumed, according to the police.

The evacuation operation took place "without incident"Says the RATP, which has meanwhile boosted the pace on line 1 of the metro to mitigate the incident. Like RER A, line 1 runs through Paris from east to west. "The RATP technical teams worked all night to repair the catenary and the traffic was able to resume on the whole line this morning [jeudi] at the service outlet ", Also indicates the RATP.

This extremely rare incident comes as RER A was closed for a month this summer between the Nation and La Défense stations for work. On August 1, a technical incident on Line 1, supposedly closing the RER A section, paralyzed traffic for two hours. More than 3,000 people trapped underground in the sweltering heat had to be evacuated.


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