Mexico City- The Miss BumBum competition of Brazil 2018, ended in chaos after one of the contenders, dissatisfied and favorite to win, started the band of the winner of the contest shortly after the announcement of the victory, in Sao Paulo The contestant Aline Uva toured the stage and snatched the tape from the legitimate winner of the contest, Ellen Santana, who received the title of the best butt in Brazil at the ceremony at Club Eazy, in the Brazilian city. The participants of the Miss BumBum contest 2018 competed for the title in Sao Paulo yesterday. The 15 contestants, with rear sizes supposedly between 100 and 125 centimeters, acted on stage with dazzling costumes to win the prize. After fierce competition, Ellen Santana, representative of the Brazilian state of Rondonia, won the title of Miss BumBum 2018. The winner raised on her Instagram account a video of the competition, which ends at the exact moment of l outburst

"My love, I'm here to share that moment that was very important to me with all of you. Good people were not going to participate in the contest." When I knew it would be the 'LAST MISS BUMBUM BRAZIL' something told me 'Ellen goes there' and I went.Even with all those who criticize the contest who speak that and that.I have already participated for another year.The credibility is very legal.And regardless of winning or not, you have to know how to win and lose.I lost in 2013. And I knew I wanted to fly above her, my rival, I will not deny it, but I took a deep breath and let things happen, so it was the only way she could try to get my attention. I showed her that she could pick up the track, but the title was mine. 'I AM THE MISS BUMBUM BRAZIL', the #ULTIMA … "


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