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Vienna: scandal at school! Teenagers bully teachers – then it escalates

At a Viennese school a teacher is bullied and provoked by several adolescents – it comes to a scandal. The incident now has drastic consequences.

Update May 13, 2019: The spit scandal in a Viennese school and the teacher bullying before now have more consequences. In a ORFMinister of Education Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) announced that six students should leave the school. Her exclusion was requested. Three other students are threatened with exclusion, in addition, two students would receive a reminder. Fassmann described the incident in the program "In the Center" as "very dramatic".

As reported on Sunday, the teacher was bullied by students. There are several mobile phone videos that prove that. Finally, he completely lost his temper and spat at a student. Even a video of this spit attack spread rapidly in the network. The teacher was informed of employment consequences.

Teacher spits students – after bullying everything escalates totally

First notification of 12 May 2019: Vienna – The Höhere Technische Lehranstalt in Vienna's Ottakring district witnessed an extreme scene in a classroom. Video footage of it circulating in the net and shake Austria.

A clip spread on the social media shows a teacher provoked by a student losing control and spitting on a teenager. "Out of class, OUT!", The teacher yells at the teenager. He remains demonstrative. The teacher spits in the direction of the student. Then the teacher is rammed against the blackboard by the strong student.

Teacher spits students: "Clearly crossed red line"

It is probably just the sad climax of many border crossings in this class. The scene now has employment consequences for the 50-year-olds. "The teacher clearly crossed a red line here and he will certainly not be alone in the class with us," explained director Johannes Bachmair to the courier. But even the student who became palpable, threatening consequences. There will be a disciplinary conference because of him and other on the videos provocateurs, said Bachmair.

RTL has learned that the teacher came to the school only a few months ago and was bullied from the beginning. There is material on the net that shows how a joint is turned in his classroom. Another cell phone video filmed how students clasped the teacher to Serbian folk music and urged them to dance.

Again courier However, in the past, the teacher is said to have repeatedly attracted attention with racist remarks. Other teachers also have no problems with this class. From the point of view of the school director, the 50-year-old is clearly overburdened. They want to phase out his contract at the end of the school year.

More about violence in schools in video: Problem worse than expected

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The Viennese teacher feels abandoned by the school management

The teacher, on the other hand, states that he was abused badly by the palmed student in the grading process. He had also informed the school management more often about the irreverent behavior – nothing happened. "I've never been violent to students and I do not feel like spitting, so the next step for a teacher is to be scared of getting beaten up if the grades do not fit," the 50-year-old defended himself courier,

How could the teacher have reacted more professionally to the provocations on the part of the students? The Education Director of the City of Vienna, Heinrich Himmer, sees this approach: "Out of the class and if such a form of bullying occurs, then he must also contact the police and report."

A video leaked on the Internet by a whipping teacher sparked outrage in Spain in 2013. How wild does the man strike a 13-year-old student.

Also extremely: Two high school students from Heppenheim wanted to pay their teachers a lot of money – and mounted their faces in adult films.


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