Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Vienna : the review of the web of wishes in music

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Vienna : the review of the web of the new music

The writing has examined the web this week, and here’s what we found about the Vienna : vows, one last gliding, hiking watered, balance sheets to weather and road…

new music for the new year

the new music for the new year

Bruno Delion

The holidays are over, the ice skating rink closed its doors, place Leclerc Poitiers. For the last glide, the facilitators sang beautifully in the Last session. Eddy, get out of this body…

The senior citizens themselves to new technologies. The association of the elders rural Generations in Motion has had the idea to send his wishes in the form of a video. Vows not old, so.

Nice benefit of the students Micromegas to Poitiers for the ceremony of the wishes of the mayor of Poitiers. There was enough to be impressed.

It was the feast at the frog on Sunday for the 21st hiking in mountains from poitou in Poitiers. 1.320 brave have even braved the rain and donned their poncho.

balances have started to Poitiers, as elsewhere, is Wednesday 10 January. They will last six weeks, but for the last time. The government has decided to reduce the period of two weeks from 2019. Customers and retailers react. With a small tribute (casual) at France Gall special bonus !

DD slows down

DD of Pwatoo is going to have to slow down, as all motorists. The secondary roads are going to go from 90 to 80 km/h. still Not have the look of a snail.

The famous roundabout of Châtellerault will he be referred to as the worst roundabout in France ? Once again, internet users are invited to comment and once again, the famous Hand Yellow figure among the contenders. It is thus expected that the results…

This is a nice teaser that was put online for the slameur châtelleraudais Lhomé at the beginning of January. A clip in the company of Akhenaten, the iconic leader of the IAM group, to announce his next album which will be released in early February. Not bad ?

What is the weather like in December ?

what was the weather in December in Vienna ? The monthly frog, as every month, has given you all the figures you need to learn to be unbeatable.

The year is fully completed on routes in Vienna. No death reported in December, only to accidents.

And if EPA labels was found in the ink of happiness ? It would seem if we are to believe this video made with employees who are ready to spend a good year 2018 !


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