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The jewel crew opened their new cocktail and dance temple in the style of the 1920s, and the Viennese society stood in line.

It was as if Vienna’s Haute Volée had been waiting for nothing other than queuing up and waiting in line for admission when, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening, the gates of a certain pub at number 4 in downtown Bäckerstrasse finally opened to the public. Well, maybe not (yet) to the whole public, but rather a select group of “Friends & Family” who are probably the most sought-after and most acclaimed restaurateurs of the German capital: the “gem” team. And where prominent faces like to queue, the wait must be worthwhile.

“A bar like an in-between world, a gateway to another time”

Two years were required for the vision of the master of ceremonies Alexander Batik, Oliver Horvath, Philipp Scheiber and David Schober to become gastronomic truth. After the much-noticed concept around the “showpiece” has brought about an evolution from a hip pop-up with an expiry date to a timeless statement bar in the glory of legendary times, the well-kept gem of the gem crew finally shows itself in the finest cut and with full radiance.

In order to give her diamond the necessary cut, it even took a month longer than planned – the “showpiece” should have opened its doors in December 2019 (LEADERSNET reported) – but what took a long time is now finally good and the former “Kix Bar” has become a kind of in-between world: a bar from another time, a symbiosis of a classic American bar, a dance bar and an elegant lounge, thanks to the instinct sprayed by architect Ben Julian Toth at all times with the flair and elegance of the again up-to-date 1920s mixed with something very own. A thoroughly successful showpiece.

Guaranteed attraction for night owls with special requirements

The showpiece is, of course, to continue what should become an attraction for everyone who combines good taste and a preference for excellent cocktails: The “Melting Pot” invites you to end the day with relaxed daytime drinking or after-work, to the exuberant dance with selected ones DJ sounds or stylish cocktail enjoyment in the gallery, where things are a little quieter. Sublime in the room, it promises a new level of drinking culture and a stylish break from the daily grind.

Daniel Schober created no less than 29 signature cocktails such as “Dead Rabbit”, “Red Snapper”, “Neo Cuban” or “Bonsai Sour” in the Kleinod Cocktail Salon. The fluid range extends from contemporary interpretations of classics to specially interpreted modern drinks On around 180 square meters there is less crowding than in the pulsating main building, which means that the predecessor generation of the millennials can once again calmly romp around at one of the three bars. A total of 170 guests can be accommodated in the gem showpiece (105 seats).

“We have been working on the jewel showpiece for the past two years as carefully as with a precious jewel. Despite the filigree fine-tuning, all the corners and edges that make a diamond unique have been preserved. The jewel showpiece will give guests an unforgettable shine at night The mixture of cocktail bar, gallery and dance bar makes it an ideal place for individuals with good taste “, says Schober.

First look into the jewel box

Perhaps it was a hint of fate that the opening, originally planned for December 2019, coincided with the beginning of the new decade. After all, how could you better start a new drinking decade and at the same time say goodbye to New Year’s resolutions or “Dry January”?

A resolution for the 2020s definitely remained with many of the premiere guests: the regular return to Vienna’s new gastronomic jewel. The glasses were then raised by Daniel Bessler from Philip Morris International, Reinhard Binder from Robin Consult, Thomas Bokesz from IPG Mediabrands and Michael Buchbinder from ProSiebenSat.1 pulse 4, Pia Bundy from the Bundy Bundy hairdressing salons, Michael Eder from Krone Multimedia, cathedral priest Toni Faber, Barbara Forsthuber from DDSG Blue Danube, Philipp Fumolo from Teads, Andrea Gesierich from the Senate of Business, Christa Grödl from FuchsundFreude, boxing champion Fadi Merza, Judith Haberlehner from NetApp, Jolien Hackett from the DOTS Group, Schlumberger Group Brand Manager Claudia Haiden, Harald Hauke ​​from Austria Glass Recycling, Waltraud Kaserer from the Lenzing Group, the Brand manager of Kattus-Borco Vertriebs GmbH Johannes Kattus, Nils Klingohr from Interspot Film, Konstantin Köck from PwC Legal, Miss Vienna Beatrice Körmer, Bettina Liposchek from Maresi), Schlumberger Managing Director Arno Lippert and Ralf-Wolfgang Lothert from JTI.

Also Florian Deleteberger from Whim, Richard Lugner, his ex-wife Christina “Mausi” Lugner, Tanja Mantz from Cineplexx, cultural expert Rainer Metzger, John Harris fitness center boss Ernst Minar, Alex Nausner from Radio Austria, Marlies Nitschmann from Kattus-Borco, Norbert Oberhauser from ORF, Ilona Perrot from Atout France, actress and advertising face Chiara Pisati, Milene Platzer from the Airline Level, moderator Jenny Posch, star violinist Yury Revich, scene restaurateur Paul Rittenauer, Georg Schlotter von Borealis, ambassador Andreas Stadler, model Dragana Stankovic, Heinz Stiastny from the Federal Ministry for National Defense, Peter Strutz from Krone Multimedia, Sissi Jarz from Schlumberger, Padre Azul Tequila boss Stefan Kothgasser, Peter Sverak from Purpur Communications, Clemens Trischler, Heimo Turin, Lukas Unger from oeticket, Andrea Unger-Posch from the bakery Ströck, Veronika Kolb from Falkensteiner, Raffaela Bartik from LEADERSNET, Thomas Waldner from Danube Island Festival, Claudia Wittmann from Vienna’s English Theater, City Councilor Markus Wölbitsch, Alexander Zelmanovics from Zeppelin and mil Ludwig or “Niko Niko” designer Nikola Zivanovic.

You can find impressions of the “VIP & Friends Opening” of the gem of showpiece in our photo galleries here and here. (Rb)


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