Viestura Dūle is no more – now Zuarguss Zarmas is officially walking on the ground

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Former “Silent Show” producer Viesturs Dūle announced a change of name six years ago and all this time tirelessly tried to have his wish to be called Zuargus officially recognized. He won the fight, and on September 11, proceedings between Viesturs Dulis and the Ministry of Justice were closed in the Regional Administrative Court.

Well Dule is really Zuarguss Zarmass. With a new passport, driver’s license, bank cards.”/>

Zuarguss is proud to show his documents to everyone. (Photo: from private archive)

“I am proud to show everyone my passport whenever I need it. For example, when I just went abroad with lectures. I am just like a boy in his childhood, who, when he arrived at the first clock, asked everyone if he did not want to know what time was right, because it is an opportunity to show the new newspaper, ”laughs Zuarguss, who has been the head of the Latvian Intellectual Development Fund for several years. and lecturer.

He admits that it has not been so difficult to replace all the documents. “I would like to thank the state of Latvia for the fact that in case of a change of name and surname, it is possible to obtain a new passport and driver’s license very quickly and without unnecessary paperwork. The right thing was a matter of a few minutes at all – all that was left was to go to the CSDD. The passport was the same. I went to the passport table with the certificate, and the thing is done! ” tells Zuarguss Zarmass.

Finally feel the public accepted

Zuargus will be able to celebrate the month’s anniversary next week since he acquired his new identity. “I would like to thank the officials of the Ministry of Justice for allowing me to live the life I want. That they allowed me to be who I wanted to be and respected the decision of the Supreme Court, “Zuargus said, saying that he also understood the Ministry of Justice’s initial desire not to allow him to change his name:” I understood them humanly because he probably didn’t want to a mess would begin when everyone who comes to mind decides to change their name. But their position was in conflict with the Satversme! ”

Zuarguss emphasizes to the magazine “Kas Jauns” that having gained the right to officially call his own name, he has also caused peace of mind. “It simply came to our notice then. Because I am finally recognized! Until now, I felt just like an African American in the 1950s, when whites restricted their rights in every way. I have been such an unrecognized one for many years, but now I am accepted, the situation is finally resolved. Cool, very, very cool! ” Satisfied is Zuarguss Zarmass, who announced his new name publicly in August 2012. However, he had invented it on the basis of numerology several years ago.

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